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Sound Therapy Sessions

Assists in bringing the energy system within the body back into balance so the body can do what it does best- correct and heal itself.  These techniques assist you in healing your mind, body and soul, unblocks the chakras, and dissolves unhealthy energetic connections, so you can

Tune In, Turn On and Tap Into your

Soul's Divine Path!

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Chakra Tune Up

Energy Tuning balances the body’s energy system and removes energy blockages to allow the body to return to optimal levels for self healing.  Energy Chakras are cleared and balanced on the etheric level addressing each chakra or energy center. By working in the etheric field - before the information (or misinformation) is passed to the physical, we are working with "cause" and the work can be considered preventive. Working on the physical energy systems the information from the etheric has already been passed to the physical and is now an "effect."  These sacred solfeggio tuning forks assist you with cause before it becomes effect - or you can work with effect and trace it back to cause. Soma Energetics 6 ancient solfeggio frequencies strengthen the immune system and balance energy flow for normal energetic functioning.  

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DNA/RNA & Pineal Gland Tune Up

RNA/DNA Tuners use frequency and vibration to affect our human blueprint. It is the information that creates our physical body. That information gets out of sequence (misspelled) either through genetics, stress, toxins, or possibly through the validation of misinformation into our belief system. Using specific vibrations and our conscious intention in the etheric field, with the guidance of Source, you have the ability to correct some of these misspellings and therefore create a better quality of life. The Archangels are called upon when using these frequencies to assist the client in breaking old habit patterns that no longer serve a purpose in their physical, emotional and spiritual development.  Activate and awaken dormant potentials. Tap into the multidimensional aspects of your human self that have been asleep, waiting divine timing. It is about remembering your Light, while embodying human form. Using frequency as a bridge, this session connects neural pathways to assimilate this knowledge on a higher level, more quickly.

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